Graphic Design

Bring your brand to the next level

Lovemadepaper, the name says it already. You found a designer who works with passion for the project and the people behind it. It’s important to me, to not only create a pretty design, but to understand the companies behind it.



That means we will develop a brand strategy that takes care of your brand, meaning, target group but also analysing goals and competition, so we can find a way to represent your business and it’s values in the best way possible.



Logo design –
Business cards –
Brochures –
Flyer –
Poster –


I have three different options for you available. In all of them we’re going to bring your business to life with a brand strategy suited for your target group. And of course you will get a corporate design including business cards. Depending on the package you chose from, you will also receive other items you need, like letterheads, tote bags, stickers, posters or flyers (or what the best medium to represent your business will be).


brand essentail


— brand strategy —
— primary logo —
— color / pattern palette —
— font system —


980 euro excl. printing cost

brand good


— brand strategy —
— primary logo —
— color / pattern palette —
— font system —
— buisinesscards —
— 1 extra piece —

1,500 euro excl. printing cost

brand best


— brand strategy —
— primary logo —
— secoundary logo —
— color / pattern palette —
— font system —
— buisnesscards —

— 3 extra pieces —
2,500 euro excl. printing cost

working per hour

You already have a corporate design but you are running out of your business cards or just need a flyer for your next birthday party and don’t need a big branding package? For those projects, it’s quite difficult to make fixed prices because every single project is totally different. A hourly rate is suitable for those small projects and will assure that your wallets stays happy.


— flyer —
— businesscards —
— editorial —
— brochures —

72 euros per hour


You have the perfect unique concept in mind but you don’t know if you can afford it? No worries! Just send me a message with the concept or idea you have and I can provide you with a better calculation.

Looking forward to hearing from you!